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Whole day people are busy in searching for services, brands and products on the Internet and estimates say that over 90 percent people click on the links that appear in the first page and three-forth viewers never go beyond it!

Also, more than 93 percent online experiences start with search engine and 81% of big purchases are supported by it. Isn’t it a great idea to appear in the first page of search engine? Yes it is! But how can you achieve it? Well, we are there to help you. Call us for incredibly effective SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ideas that can make it possible!

Brandup is the right SEO agency that can bring amazing benefits to your business. We are open to ideas. We hear your voice first and then map our SEO concepts to make it a grand success. We rank website on top on Google.




Revenue is always the main focus of our strategy and all our efforts revolve around it. For us, SEO is not limited to links and keywords only. We consider it a holistic approach to grab, engage and convert the best leads in the least possible lead time. The success of SEO depends on the ability of to understand the user expectations and derive SEO strategy accordingly. Our Pune based SEO experts can do the wonder if hired.

We make it possible by keeping a constant dialogue with the clients and design effective and affordable SEO Strategy.Technology-savvy strategies and regular monitoring of the performance of Google ranking through search engine optimization stand us apart from the competitors.

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  • We look into the shortcomings of your website if any, and bring necessary improvements.
  • If it is a website from scratch, then we work on every aspect that makes it visible.
  • We have a team that knows how to build good links, how to research keywords, and how to derive at the SEO Strategy that is the best for you?


Deriving strategy

We find out what matters most to your site, brand, and business. We spend sufficient time in understanding what your business is and what value you add to it.

The whole idea of SEO is to grab qualified traffic which gets converted into revenue. Hence, we evaluate your niche, assess the target audience and establish onsite conversion goals so that best results for Search Engine Marketingcan be obtained. The strategy derived by us is in line with your business requirements.

Implementing strategy

We build the site structure and content to win the visibility up to the largest extent. We lift the search ranking by captivating the target audience. By using the whole spectrum of SEO techniques i.e. keyword selection and mapping, content creation, link building and optimization of site structure; we achieve amazing results.

Optimization strategy

We constantly test and track the SEO Strategy to optimize it further. Search engines use hundreds of different variables. Hence, it is an ongoing process to monitor the effectiveness of SEO strategy and refine it. Brandup does it for you, relentlessly and religiously!



  • Ecommerce portals
  • Education & healthcare
  • Retail and consumer services
  • FMCG, Hospitality and Financial services
  • Startups and niche services segment
  • Real estate, Consultants and service agencies
  • Manufacturing and production industry


  • 93% of uses start with a search engine
  • 89% of customers begin their buying process with a search engine
  • 70-80% of users focus on the organic content, ignoring paid ads.
  • SEO leads have a 45.6% close rate
  • ​​72% of marketers rate search engine optimization (SEO) as successful in achieving objectives like lead generation and increased Web traffic.
  • Top 3 pages gets 75% of search traffic.


Organic Traffic - Increase

42 %

Bounce Rate - Decrease

83 %

Average Visit Duration - Increase

21 %

Page Per Session - Increase

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