In today’s world of Social Media, your most important customers are spending their time on social media channels. And if you aren’t engaging with them there, you’re losing out on their attention. Brandup can help you get your social media game right!

Why is Social Media presence important?

74% of consumers base their purchase decisions on the content they see on Social media platforms.
64% of social media users are more inclined to purchase from brands that engage directly with them.

There Are Two Clear Messages Here:

1. The way you utilize Social Media is going to influence your sales.
2. Amazing products and services aren’t enough. You also need to actively engage with your followers and audience on social media to enjoy their favor and loyalty.

Being a star-player on social media is the need of the hour for any brand! And unfortunately, most brands are clueless about it.


Social Media Marketing Is a Science


Making yourself heard on Social Media can be a tough task because there are just too many questions, such as:

  • Where to be: Which platform is your target audience on? If you are into the business of selling designer shoes, Facebook and Instagram provide you the tools to publish content to facilitate direct sales. If you are putting out informational blog posts, Google+ will make more sense for you.
  • What to say: The truth is every platform is built differently. People go to different platforms to consume different kinds of content. While Facebook is a great place to upload the photos of your last team outing, LinkedIn is the place where you’d like to publish your revolutionary take on HR policies. It all boils down to putting out the right kind of content on the right platform.
  • When to say it: It’s important to know when your audience is in front of their screens and are more likely to pay attention to your content. It requires analytics, pattern-identification and research to understand the right time to put out amazing content.
  • Bottom line: Social media marketing isn't as easy as it looks. Social media strategy is more than just uploading beautiful photos and putting out catchy one-liners. The content-format, the timing, the tone, identifying upcoming trends and capitalizing on them – there’s an entire science behind it. Not everyone has time to handle all this. Especially You – because you have a business to run. Which is why you have Brandup – the Social Media Manager you deserve!


We provide end-to-end support for your social media strategy and implementation. That’s it – your social media work is no longer a baggage. Brandup will handle everything for you, as we’ve done for our previous clients.

Our team will sit with you to understand everything about your brand and then come up with the strategy to use social media to your advantage.

Are you ready to make your brand a Social Media Rockstar?


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